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Abrar : Hello. Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.


Abrar : Hello David.


Abrar : May I please have your email address registered with Adobe while I review your request?


david: You might want to read this AND know that I have a complaint with the FTC. I have also sent letters to David Pogue of the NY Times and Walt Mossberg of the WSJ. My article is also posted on and Digg. It is getting hundreds of hits. Welcome to the world of a very dissatisfied ex-Adobe customer


david: My email address is XXXXXXX


Abrar : May I know the product which you have purchased?


david: Can you not read the article- Dreamweaver Web Case Details: XXXXXXX


Abrar : Sure.


Abrar : May I have the order number of the product?


david: XXXXXX


Abrar : Thank you David.


Abrar : I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.


david: Inconvenience is not the word I would use


david: Fraud, marketing deception, and bait and switch come to mind


david: It is little wonder Adobe's customer service rating on Consumerist is only 2.8 out of 10


Abrar : I'll be right with you.


david: I have heard that a few times before


david: In fact you have had my money for over ten days now and I have had my useless Dreamweaver which I downloaded and which you now want 7-10 days to process the return. Shall I FTP it back to you?


Abrar : May I place on hold for 2 minutes while I search for your information?


david: Why not?


david: Your computers seem to work fast only when you are billing people for software that won't work


Abrar : Thank you for being online, I appreciate your patience and time.


Abrar : By reviewing the interaction history, I see that you have requested to return your Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.


david: Well that is the only option that has been given me. Otherwise you want more money for a functional product


Abrar : David, I'll go ahead and process your request and help you with the refund.


david: Actually as I said I would like my money back yesterday. I am having a hard time understanding how you are able to bill me in seconds but it takes 7-10 days to process the return of a downloadable piece of software


Abrar : David, once the return is released. It usually takes 7-10 business days for the refund to issue to the mode of payment that you have used to purchase the product.


Abrar : I'll go ahead and release the refund and also follow up the case to release the refund.


david: Isn't that funny, it took only seconds to be billed. Any mom and pop store can get a credit back to me in seconds and it takes Adobe a week. You guys are a joke. I guess I will call AmEx and let them work you over.


david: You have lost a lifelong Adobe customer who has a very big voice on the web


david: As soon as my wife gets back from shopping, I will have her check our AmEx account. If the refund isn't there, I am calling Amex. This chat is being recorded for the entertainment of my subscribers


Abrar : David, Once the refund is released you can contact your bank in order to get the refund amount.


david: You might want to pass along this link to some upper level folks in Adobe, it might be better coming from down in the ranks than from an executive which will eventually will get it. Sometimes it is a good thing to be the messenger


Abrar : David, I know, this experience can be disappointing and I apologize for putting you in a situation like this.


Abrar : David, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Abrar : I'll release the refund for the product and also escalate the case to the next to release the refund the earliest possible.


david: And I will just have to live with the memories of all the time I wasted on a product that I used to count on.


david: If my resolution to problems was like what you are offering me, I would have never lasted six weeks at Apple much less 20 years


Abrar : Please agree to the following statement, I'll go ahead and release the refund.


Abrar : In order to process your return, you must agree to delete the existing software from your computer and destroy any existing copies. You may not sell, transfer, give away, donate or otherwise distribute your existing Adobe product to anyone else.


Abrar : Do you agree?


david: I told you that I want my money yesterday, what part of that are you having trouble understanding?


david: As I said I will watch my account, it the credit isn't there I am calling AmEx. I have already filed my complaint with the FTC.


Abrar : Since the call got disconnected our agent was unable to release the refund.


david: That is Federal Trade Commission in case you haven't heard of them


Abrar : I will go ahead ahead and release the refund for this product.


Abrar : *I will go ahead and release the refund for this product.


david: And may an Adobe product never darken my hard drive again


david: At least Microsoft looks great compared to you guys


Abrar : Thank you for waiting. One moment please.


Abrar : Thanks for staying online, I appreciate your time and patience in this regard.


Abrar : David, I am sorry to keep you waiting for a long moment.


david: I think it is hilarious that you are asking me to delete software that won't work


Abrar : David, I have released the refund back to the method of payment that was used at the time of purchase.


Abrar : You can check with your financial institution for the timeframe for the refund amount to be reflected in your account.


Abrar : I can certainly understand that, that you're not able to use the software.


david: I was going to ask what continent you're on, but it is obvious we come from different worlds


Abrar : I would feel the same way if it happened to me.


Abrar : I will not say that I can effectively compensate for you in this regard, however I would request you to give us an opportunity in future to deliver you an outstanding customer service.  


david: Adobe should be embarrassed about the way I have been treated. In my 61 years I have never been treated this poorly by company


Abrar : I know that this has not been a good customer experience for you.


david: Especially one where I spent thousands of dolalrs


david: dollars


Abrar : I can certainly understand that, David. This is one of rare scenarios and I would really appreciate your time and patience that you understand the issue.


Abrar : That's correct, David.


Abrar : I can assure that this is not the we do business.


Abrar : *way we do business.


Abrar : We are here to help our customers and resolve their issues and I cannot stop myself saying a big thank you  for choosing the Adobe product and giving an opportunity to serve such a wonderful customer like you.


david: This is the way you do business. Your online chat rep told me that I could upgrade my software, I spent the money. She disappeared when it wouldn't work, and your company is unwilling to stand behind what the rep said. Adobe is guilty as far as I am concerned and it appears that a lot of people are agreeing with me. I look forward to making articles on Adobe customer disservice a big hit on the web


Abrar : This has been a bad customer experience for you, however I hope you will give us another chance to demonstrate an excellent customer service.


david: I can guarantee that the $104 extra dollars you would have gotten out of me was not worth it to Adobe


Abrar : I am sorry if I have typed incorrectly, I meant to say this is not the way we do business.


david: I will never give Adobe another chance at anything. You know the maxim about one dissatisfied customer telling ten other people well with me I get to tell thousands about my Adobe experience


david: So far I have seen nothing  to say about Adobe in any of my numerous interactions in the last ten days of having useless software that I paid for in good faith reside on my computer


david: that is nothing good to say about Adobe


Abrar : David, I am aware of that, this is the reason I request you to give us another chance to provide you an excellent customer service.


Abrar : We value our customers feedback and it is important to drive us the satisfaction level.


Abrar : In the meantime, I will sure send your feedback to my higher level authorities to ensure that this will not be repeated in future.


Abrar : Sorry for the wait. Please do stay online.


Abrar : David, once again I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused to you.


Abrar : However, I hope you will give us another chance. I will not say that my apologize may not compensate the inconvenience you have incurred, but I do hope this will make us to be more careful in future.


david: Good luck but no best wishes to a company that just wasted ten days of my valuable time


Abrar : Do you have any questions for me today?


david: Nope I am completely done with Adobe. As I said your products of which I bought full suites will be gone from my computers as soon as I find replacements


Abrar : Nice chatting with you, David. Have a great day.


david: Adobe products will never, ever darken my hard drives again


Abrar : I know, this experience can be disappointing and I apologize for putting you in a situation like this.


Abrar : Is there anything else I can help you with?


Abrar : Thank you for chatting.  Good-bye.