Summer 2020, A Different Summer

The weather on the Crystal Coast was wet in early June with many areas receiving several inches of rain. Since the rains have stopped, the weather has been great for enjoying the beaches but many of us who live here have been avoiding the beaches since Coronavirus cases in Carteret County have tripled from 35 on Memorial Day to 105 on July 6. While those are no huge numbers, it is enough to keep many of us away from the popular beach accesses.

Emerald Isle seems to mostly be open though at least one restaurant recently closed temporarily due to a staff member testing positive for the virus. Pictures that were posted on social media during the Fourth of July weekend showed large crowds of people near the Western Regional Access. As an older member of society, I have been cautious and avoided my normal beach hikes and visits to the Island.

This year was certainly an Unusual Fourth of July.

Fall is my season anyway. I hope to be catching some of those White Oak River drum as September rolls around. I know they are there.

If you just need some quick information about the area head for our free online guide to Emerald Isle. Either way, remember this is a great area to visit as summer winds down . Fall is our best season and can last until December. There is nothing nicer than warm warm and cooler air. Lots of visitors get hooked and end up put down some roots along our sandy beaches. That is what happened to us.