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A Gardening Update

Compost at the Coast

An Abundant Coastal Spring Garden

Three Weeks of Unbeatable Weather

Persistent Tomatoes Highlight Fall

Twelve Months of Crystal Coast Gardening

Three Weeks of Unbeatable Weather

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Three Weeks of Unbeatable Weather

Three Weeks of Unbeatable Weather

Three Weeks of Unbeatable Weather

Three Weeks of Unbeatable Weather

Fall Fishing on the Crystal Coast

More Gardening Headed Into The Fall

The Rhythm of Crystal Coast Gardening

The Guilty Pleasure of a Summer Thunderstorm

April Kayaking on the White Oak River

Winter is on the run now

Taste The Rain, Remember The Sunshine & Beach

Winter finds us on the White Oak

Like A Nova Scotia Summer Day Except In November

Spinning Up Another Nor'easter

October Waves & Fall Fish

Summer still has a grip on us

Wet Weather At The Beach

This surf will cure any humidity

Our beach season is here

Our Almost Private Storm

Leave only footprints, take only pictures

Waiting for Spring

A labor of love

Gardening in December on the Crystal Coast

A Long Boating Season

Living for the Water

A September Evening On The Beach

Clouds On The Horizon

And The Rains Did Visit

It Has Come To This

Beaches That Delight

Time for Strawberries & Mowing Grass

Beach Season is Here

A Brush With Winter

Standing on the Dock with Summer Dreams

Our Winter Beach

Bogue Sound During the Holidays

Crystal Coast Fall

Riding the Temperature Curve

Finding a Place that Fits

Summer Rain at the Dock

Feels Like Summer for Memorial Day

Spring on the Crystal Coast

The beach is calling me

The Essence of Coastal Living

Winter never stays long

Signs of the changing season

Lingering Warmth on the NC Coast

Fall on the Carolina Coast

Moving to the coast, what to learn from Irene?

Beach, Sound, or River?

How will you know the right spot?

Defined by your environment

The heat pump game

Figuring out the Crystal Coast Water Puzzle

A driving calculation that few take the time to make

A not-so-bad Snowstorm in Paradise

How far away should your second home be?

Searching for a place to live

When is a little flooding a good thing?

Is $300K realistic for a home close to the beaches?

Looking for something more than just a vacation spot

Nothing better than local shrimp fixed at home

Land and waters that stretch your imagination

Things to do at the Beach

Are you hard wired for new places?

Reviewing our coastal move decision

Reasons I call the Crystal Coast Home

Fried flounder, a Southern Delicacy

Falling in love with one of our special places

Looking forward to this year's first tomato

Taking the cold weather in stride

The brotherhood and sisterhood of true Southerners

Winter Beach Time

Beyond the beautiful horizons

Sometimes diving in the pool is the only way to understand the water

What is so special about the Crystal Coast

The reason it is called the Crystal Coast

Making it across the bridge

The pleasure of early tomatoes on the Crystal Coast

Fall lobsters hopefully in sight

How things have changed at the beach

Defining your own fun at the beach

Being by the water

Saturday on the beach

Crystal Coast weather thoughts

How to review the reviewer

Doing the math for a move

Waiting for spring

The where do I live equation

Thoughts of spring strawberries

Eight weeks until the great tomato race

Good news on the Crystal Coast

Winter comes after us

A good winter scorecard

Spending the winter on the coast

Living with water as your backyard

Why it is called the Crystal Coast

A lifestyle move

What makes the Crystal Coast a good place to retire?

Making the "move" decision

Morning calm on the sea

Looking back to last fall on the coast

A fall fishing trip to Beaufort

Sunset on a golden inlet

A winter story about the coastal climate

Worrying about the move

Keeping the summer heat in perspective

Dreams do come true

Mother Nature, my favorite cooling system

Zucchini of the sea

My favorite spot for grouper

Ten minutes to escape to the beach

What I love about Carteret County

The "what if" part of moving

Tryon Palace, a great place to visit

Time to enjoy the water

My thanks to those who moved before me

Some Advice to My Kids

Dining along the coast, the Holly Ridge Smoke House

The Best Twenty Dollars You'll Ever Spend

The last stand of the small coastal towns in the Carolinas

Coastal Community Market, Beaufort, NC & Marmite

Coming together at community meals

Glassy Waters

Dragon Garden, Wilmington, NC

Making the mountains or coast decision

Swamp maple and other spring southern cruelties

Living where it is nice

Making a new life

The Swansboro Oyster Roast and Cotillion

What makes a place feel like home?

The flight to warmth from Roanoke

Ten ways Carteret County met our needs

Swansboro, NC travel guide

Icehouse Restaurant, Swansboro, NC

The Roanoke Way