First Bridge
I like to think of real estate agents as a bridge from one place to another.

Both sellers and buyers are trying to get from where they are to someplace else.

As a Realtor® my job is help both groups get from point A to point B quickly and efficiently with as little trouble as possible.

Much of my job is listening. I have to understand what people hope to achieve and what type of place buyers want to find.

When it comes to picking a Realtor® there are plenty of options today.

In a tough market for sellers, what you need are new ideas and hard work from your Realtor® not excuses.

I cannot promise any silver bullets, but I do make a serious commitment to both my buyers and sellers.

Most important of all, I am willing to put all this in writing for sellers and buyers.

For Sellers

  1. I will communicate regularly and provide you with an intelligent analysis of the situation
  2. I will work very hard to help you achieve your goals
  3. I promise innovative use of technology and especially the web
  4. I won't give up on you or your property
  5. I will promote your property in areas that traditional print media will not reach
  6. I will write about your property
  7. I will do even do things like podcasts and movies when they make sense
  8. I actively recruit buyers from all over the United States, Canada, and even the rest of the world
  9. I can promise you the best pictures of your home that you have ever seen
  10. You will get a dedicated website for any homes that I list
On top of this, because I am a Bluewater GMAC agent, you will get the best of print advertising and traditional real estate support.

You also get a network over twenty agents most of whom will take a tour of your home and try to find one of their clients for it.

You might have noticed the post cards that I send out or which are available at the Fairway Restaurant near Cape Carteret.

Perhaps you have seen my articles in Dropping Anchor. Check the October issue for my article on the White Oak.

The point of all this is that I use my photos and writing to draw attention to your property. It is a good way to get your property to stand out from all the other properties. Many agents don't have a single website whose content ever changes. I have over ten. You can find links to them at my homepage.

For Buyers

  1. I will listen to what you are saying
  2. Two I will give you an overview of the area so you know your options
  3. I will help you find the right mortgage person
  4. I will be patient as you figure out what makes sense for you
  5. I will not pressure to buy anything
  6. If I can't help you, I will try to find someone who can
  7. I will be there during the whole process to answer questions
  8. I don't give up easily, it took me three summers to find our home
  9. I would rather send you away happy, than keep you as an unhappy customer
  10. I will not try to put square pegs in round holes.
In early August of 2007, the wife of a couple thinking about moving found one of my websites. As she started reading my articles and seeing the photos that I have pasted, she fell in love with western Carteret County.

They placed their home on the market, received a full price offer in early September, and closed at the end of September. They showed up on the Crystal Coast and rented a place on Bogue Sound. Shortly there after they purchased a home. It happened to be a home that I sent them in early August.

This is the fourth couple to show up this summer through the publicity of my websites which are currently seeing over 1,800 visitors per day.

Those websites can be working for you and help you achieve your dreams.

For more information on me, check out my LinkedIn profile or my Active Rain profile. You can also find me actively participating in the City Data forums for North Carolina, Virginia, and Coastal NC.