In early August of 2007, the wife of a couple thinking about moving found one of my websites. As she started reading my articles and seeing the photos that I have posted, she fell in love with western Carteret County.

    They placed their home on the market, received a full price offer in early September, and closed at the end of September. They showed up on the Crystal Coast and rented a place on Bogue Sound. Shortly there after they purchased a home. It happened to be a home that I sent them in early August.

    In the last six months eight out of state buyers either visited or have made plans to visit western Carteret County.

    Two have recently bought, and I am still working with four to find the right spot for their dreams.

    It has happened through the publicity of my websites which are currently seeing over 1,900 visitors per day.

    In January, I have already spent days taking buyers from Pennsylvania and Ohio around our area. In the next weeks, I am expecting buyers from Michigan and Oregon.

    My websites can be working for you. They are my way of helping you achieve your dreams as quickly as possible.

    Shouldn't you make certain that I am on your team?