Beach Access

Some changes to Western Regional Access

I am happy to report the good folks at Emerald Isle have modified the boardwalk access to the beach.

The two showers were previously just on the edge of the boardwalk. By the end of a busy day, one could expect a sizable pond covering the board walk.

Now there are three showers, and they have been moved far enough away from the boardwalk that there is no pond to wade at the end of the day.

All this comes after the winter effort to create accessible ramps to the beaches both at Western and Eastern Regional Accesses.

I also noticed as we were walking out, that there is now a recycling receptacle for cans. That is a great idea. Last year containers for recycling fishing line were added.

The beach accesses get a lot of use in the summer, but by October they are back to almost being our personal beach accesses.

I am really pleased at the effort that Emerald Isle has made in improving these accesses over the last few years.

We might have to go back over tomorrow. I understand there is beach volleyball tournament. That should be fun to watch.