The Bodum Vacuum Coffee Maker


It was not too many Christmases ago that I discovered vacuum made coffee. It quickly became a big part of morning route. A while pack we suffered a crisis when one pot broke. We had to go out and find another one. I have never seen a vacuum coffee maker in story so I would be surprised to hear about one. Black and Decker has stopped making them. We did some Internet and searching and finally resolved our crisis.

When we got a house on the coast. I had to have another Bodum. I went through a few weeks of using a Mr. Coffee, but I did not think the coffee had as robust flavor as what comes form the Bodum. I have been grinding my own coffee for a while so this time I decided to get a nice burr grinder. The Cuisinart model that I got from Macy's does a nice job grinding the coffe and keeping the mess to itself.