Summer Weather Pattern, May 8, 2009
It is starting to feel like summer here on the coast.

This picture was taken from the bridge to Emerald Isle during a stop for bridge work. The picture is looking east towards Morehead City.

This week we have had a series of thunderstorms and lots of humidity. Last night I was on the front porch watching storms.

Our air conditioners have been on all week.

We just came back from the Virginia mountains. Compared to there where spring is still in full swing, we definitely are starting to look like summer.

We start off with clear skies in the morning, and before noon, puff white clouds start to form.

Water temperatures have warmed. Depending on the tide, they can be in the upper sixties. In the river we have seen some seventies.

There is something almost tropical about our sunrises this time of year.

With the morning dew, things still look very lush and green. The heat of the afternoon suns usually changes that quickly

Our centipede yard seems to be growing well. I have made progress against the weeds and ants.

In a couple of weeks, the yard might get a touch of fertilizer that NC State recommends.

I have made some trips over to the Point at Emerald Isle recently. It is one of those places that pushes my buttons in a very good way.

The expanse of sand and water really cleans the minds. It is a good place to go when you want to want to be out in the water but know that it is too windy.

On Wednesday, I spent a few minutes making a HD movie that I posted on YouTube. Make sure you click the HD button to get the best quality.

There are always a few people over at the Point, but there is so much room and distance that you still feel like you have been transported to another world.

My wife does not mind dropping me at the ramp which helps since I usually have an arm load of cameras.

This wave picture also came from the point. I remember as I took the picture I could hear the buoy in Bogue Inlet.

As soon as the winds become a little more manageable, I plan to be fishing in the Inlet.

The Point brings back a lot of memories. My Uncle Austin and I fished it in the summer of 1969.

I can still remember the exciting trip down the beach in my old four wheel drive Bronco. That was before the roads and subdivisions had taken over.

I am not one wish us back to the good old days. I actually think that the good old days are here and now on the North Carolina coast.

You do not have to give up much other than traffic and crowds to retire down here.

And there are some great benefits.

I am well on my way to that early June tomato, that I covet so much.

This year it looks like the homegrown tomatoes will contribute greatly to saving some budget dollars.

I need to go plant some small salad tomatoes. I keep telling friends that this is a perfect tomato micro-climate.

I could make a killing in the big cities if I could afford a few more lots on Raymond’s Gut.

We have also enjoyed some of the local strawberries. What I really want is some of the fresh local shrimp.

I will admit to not being able to tell the difference between fresh and frozen most of the time, but good fresh right off the boat are a special treat.

Last week the day we headed out of town for my Aunt Sallie’s funeral our roses decided to explode in blooms.

I love the color especially since a lot of the spring color has disappeared.

Color is a big deal with me, but I am easily distracted from flower colors to water colors. I absolutely love watching how the sky changes the colors of the Inlet and Bogue Sound.

Blue sky, green grass, and some subtle blues in the water’s color keep me busy trying to capture that perfect shot.

Catching the right colors is almost as much fun as trying to find the path while walking on the beach.

As I drive across the bridge to Emerald Isle, I always feel like that I should be down on the water.

With so many places to explore, it seems a waste to go to work.

Unfortunately work takes even more time these days. However, maintaining balance will require that I devote equal attention to boating, kayaking, fishing, swimming, walking the beaches, and working.

I think work is out numbered which is as it should be.


Why we love it here?
It is hard to say that any place is perfect. There always a balance between what you like and what you don't like. That also changes as you age. At one time I was close to homesteading in Newfoundland.

Today I would steer you to my articles, Ten ways Carteret County met our needs, Why I love living in Carteret County, and to the Crystal Coast Electronic Village Homepage as answers to why we have chosen this area.

From that reading it is easy to understand why we enjoy living in a small subdivision called Bluewater Cove near Cape Carteret. It is what we were looking for in a place to live. It's close to services and close to the beach but not on the beach. We have a dock behind the house and are close to some great trails. I can ride my bike in the neighborhood and not face a lot of traffic.

I also use my kayak on the White Oak River and have learned to love exploring the river and surrounding waters with our skiff.

This area also has some great festivals like the Newport Pig Cookoff, the Emerald Isle Saint Patrick's Day, and the Swansboro Oyster Roast. We were also impressed with the Emerald Isle Christmas Parade.

It is a friendly area with a great future. So right now it is the spot for us. I often write about the area in my other websites. If you are a very avid reader, you might find some content on multiple sites, but usually the content is fairly specific to the sites.

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