Prelude to a cool morning

The warm weather has disappeared from the Crystal Coast this past week. Since those long ago sixties that we saw on Monday and Tuesday, we have struggled to even get into the fifties.

I felt sorry for the folks working on the Emerald Isle bridge yesterday. It was definitely cool in the wind. We got a chance to view a number of houses on Emerald Isle yesterday and the day before.

It amazes me how nice homes that there are in the area. One home turned out to be a real surprise. The people selling their home had just bought a home just up the street from us at Bluewater Cove.

We did take the time to stop and hike the wonderful trail at Emerald Woods. I'll try to get up a site with some pictures of that this evening. By the time we hiked down to the sound at around 5pm, the temperature had dropped to 39 degrees Fahrenheit. I had hoped to catch the sunset there, but my wife disappeared on me. She headed back into the woods to get out of the constant wind.

I convinced her to ride over to the Point at Emerald Isle which is where I snapped this shot. It was 36 degrees when I got back in the car. It felt great to warm my hands up a little.

It was good practice for this morning when the temperature got down to 20 degrees.