14 October 2007

A Lobster Feast at Saint Francis by the Sea

A few weeks ago we sampled our first area Lobster Feast at Swansboro. The lobsters were delicious, and it was also a chance to meet some new people.

We were happy to find out that the September Swansboro Lobster Fest is followed each year by the Saint Francis by the Sea one in Salter Path. They both done by Episcopal Churches as fund raising events.

We really had a wonderful time at the Saint Francis event today. Everything was very well organized, and they even had plenty of parking. There couldn't have been a nicer day to have this.

I wonder if anyone is having one in November?

Summer afternoon in October

We drove down to Beaufort recently to catch a glimpse of Blackbeard's Cannon which was raised from the Queen Anne's Revenge on Monday.

The cannon which you can see from clicking on the link was heavily encrusted with sea stuff for the lack of a better term.

It was quite the event with news media prowling the area.

I ended up being almost as impressed by the warm weather which came just after I read about the Arctic ice disappearing at a record rate. Seeing all these eighty degree temperatures in October has to make you wonder about climate change.

Still it was a beautiful day, and we always enjoy going to Beaufort for a visit so a good time was had by all.