Emerald Isle's 50th Birthday Party

We dodged the afternoon torrential downpours and enjoyed a wonderful Lobster Dinner at Saint Peter's by the Sea in Swansboro.

My hat is off to congregation. It was better than a PEI Lobster Dinner.

After the rains stopped we decided to catch the last of Emerald Isle's 50th birthday party.

We got there in time to hear a speech by Mayor Art Schools who helped me with my Emerald Isle Travel Guide. I have to give the town staff and all their volunteers credit for doing a great job.

I also managed to sample some wonderful barbecue by Ice House Catering, and my wife got a half price burger and Orangeade from Andy's.

I assume the aggressive pricing was due to the afternoon rains keeping the crowds away.

Unfortunately the band had a lot of trouble tuning up. It was well after six pm when Mat Kearney, the famous singer of the day came on stage.

We still had a great time, and enjoyed our walk to the concert.

A Rainy day for a change

Today, September 20, has been one of the first rainy days that we have enjoyed in ages.

Once I was done with work, we dropped by Clyde Phillips Seafood.

They were bagging up some Shrimp for the freezers. Our two pounds seemed pretty small compared to the large bags ready to be frozen.

We enjoyed some of those frozen Shrimp last winter. They were a fantastic winter treat. I hope I never eat imported Shrimp again.

We then headed across the bridge to Emerald Isle to see if we could find some excitement.

Today wasn't a great day for photography, but we have been away for a week. I was desperate to feel the sand and check the ocean.

We drove down to the Point and found that surf fishing season is definitely in full swing.

There were trucks parked in several places. The real excitement was that Bluefish were being caught.

In fact in the short time that it took me to walk over to the trucks, two Bluefish were landed.

Since I have become someone who enjoys fried Bluefish, I was curious if the fishermen planned to keep their catch.

The one guy I talked to said his wife only allowed him to bring home fish which have both of their eyes on the same side of their body.

I guess we know which fish they enjoy. Rumor has it there are some Flounder being caught in the Coast Guard Channel.

I was also impressed with the changes to the Point since I was there last winter.