Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle's 50th Birthday Party

We dodged the afternoon torrential downpours and enjoyed a wonderful Lobster Dinner at Saint Peter's by the Sea in Swansboro.

My hat is off to congregation. It was better than a PEI Lobster Dinner.

After the rains stopped we decided to catch the last of Emerald Isle's 50th birthday party.

We got there in time to hear a speech by Mayor Art Schools who helped me with my Emerald Isle Travel Guide. I have to give the town staff and all their volunteers credit for doing a great job.

I also managed to sample some wonderful barbecue by Ice House Catering, and my wife got a half price burger and Orangeade from Andy's.

I assume the aggressive pricing was due to the afternoon rains keeping the crowds away.

Unfortunately the band had a lot of trouble tuning up. It was well after six pm when Mat Kearney, the famous singer of the day came on stage.

We still had a great time, and enjoyed our walk to the concert.