Emerald Isle visit

I had the good fortune to attend a meeting today where I heard, Frank Rush, Jr., Emerald Isle's Town Manager discuss some of their town projects and issues that might impact Emerald Isle. I came away very impressed. I was most inspired by Emerald Isle's commitment to keeping the town a really great place to live.

Hearing the town's plans will make it even easier for me to be an advocate for this area. I could clearly see the careful planning, attention to detail, and great effort to build an inclusive community that addresses the needs of both residents and businesses.

It was actually really refreshing to see a town on top of the issues and with a realistic plan for the future. I think the incentives that Emerald Isle has created around the East Village project will end up creating a very unique area in Emerald Isle. I'm looking forward to being around to see many of these plans come to fruition. After watching the city and citizens of Roanoke, Va argue about the fate of their ancient stadium for over ten years, this was a real treat.

I was also really excited that other municipalities had cooperated to help with our local sound dredging project that has recently been in the papers. That sign of cooperation makes me feel good about living here.

I certainly hope Emerald Isle continues to have success in planning for the future. I am sure they will have a great fiftieth anniversary celebration. I knew when I went to the Emerald Isle Christmas parade that I was a guest in a special spot.