The steel is up for the Cape Carteret Lowes home improvement store

I've been away from the local scenery for a few days. The first thing I noticed after coming back into town the other day was that the Lowes now has a steel skelton. I'm looking forward to having a Lowe's home center that close, but I sure hope our local hardware and building supply places can find a niche to help them survive. Part of what has attracted me to this area is the number of small businesses. While having a Lowe's close by is very convenient, it does not beat the friendly helpful service that you get in your local hardware store. The challenge is achieving a balance of growth and keeping services that have helped the area to grow to what it is today.

This was another stellar day for weather here on the Crystal Coast. The temperatures were at least in the mid-sixties by mid-day, and kids were outside playing like it was srping. It was the first time since my blogging injury that I took the gamble of going for a bike ride. It was great to get out of the house again and back onto my bike. It's pretty hard to complain about weather like this. Later in the day after watching Boston College slip by Navy on a last second field goal, we went for a walk. While walking, we came up a group of kids being trailed by a neighborhood mom. She told us the kids were on a cat tracking expecittion. Now that's a profitable way to spend a warm winter afternoon.

Anytime we are thrity degrrees warmer than my friends in Canada, it is a day to celebrate. Now if they would just get some snow, the picture would be perfect.