The great lamp quest, some clouds and my first tornado watch

We headed down to Morehead City yesterday (Thurs) to look for that last lamp for our new house. As we pulled out of the driveway, we grabbed the mail, and I was pleased to see that my new Saltwater Fishing License was already here. I have to give the state credit, that was really quick. I only ordered it Tuesday. Now if they could just deliver some fish to the end of my line that fast, I would be a very happy fisherman.

I'm always amazed how far the drive to Morehead seems even though it is only seventeen miles. It doesn't take but a few minutes, but it just seems longer.

We pulled into the parking lot at Shore Decor and spent a few minutes hunting down every lamp that they had. They had lots of furniture and plenty of lamps but none that really excited us enough to take home. I did snap a picture to show Tommy, the designer at Mills and Thomas Furniture who has been so helpful in getting all of our furniture to coordinate. We were just getting ready to pull out of the parking lot and go in search of bagels when my wife told me to back up. She had seen an attached lighting store. We repeated the lamp hunt and found one that we both liked. The folks at Creative Lighting, Kitchen, and Bath were nice enough to let us take the lamp home for twenty-four hours to see if worked. We got it home, took a picture of it and sent it to Tommy who told us the shade was too big for the table. It being a stained glass shade, there was no way to replace it, so this afternoon we headed back to Morehead City.

Fortunately I got out of the Friday afternoon lamp hunt. Thursday except for the trip to Morehead I spent the day answering feedback from an article of mine, "What Jobs told me on the iPhone," that the Guardian in London, England had published. There were about 20,000 people who once they read the article clicked on a link to one of my blogs. Many sent email comments and a couple of people that I had known years ago surfaced. After we got to the lamp store and unloaded, I had a couple of cell phone calls to make. It got so warm in the car with the sunshine and blue skies that I had to roll down the windows. Just as my last call was winding down, my wife showed up with a sales person carrying another lamp. I hope this one is a keeper.

Still we had not managed to get to Morehead City before the three o'clock daily closing of Bountiful Bagel so we thought about getting some from Dunkin Donuts, but the late Friday afternoon traffic on Arendell Street convinced me that a bagel wasn't worth a left turn out of the Shore Decor parking lot.

As we headed west along Highway 24, the clouds seemed to roll in well before we got to Cape Carteret. Late this evening we got some brief but heavy rain and then saw the announcement that we had a tornado watch. So far we seemed to have survived our first watch without any problems. It isn't set to expire until 1 am tomorrow morning, but hopefully we won't have get more experienced on this.

Tomorrow the temperatures are predicted to hit 74 degrees Fahrenheit before an early week cool down. Maybe I can finally get in a bike ride and use that new fishing license.