Golden sky heralds a cool down

Yesterday, Monday January 8, it looked like we were going to have a wonderful sunset about 4pm. Then the clouds rolled in. I had pretty well given up on the sunset until I just happened to glance up at about 4:45 to see the sun sneaking out from the clouds which seemed to be quickly disappearing. We hopped in the car and headed down the Croatan National Park launch area on the White Oak River which happens to be a great spot to catch sunsets.

We made it just in time to capture some wonderful sunset shots. It seems the weather is going to cool down on us a little for the next few days. I even heard the weatherman talking about snow in the mountains of North Carolina. I've always had the theory that it's better to take your snow in January than in March. Unfortunately mother nature does whatever she wants to do, and at least in Roanoke, Va some of our biggest storms have arrived in late February and in March.

My thoughts are turning to planting tomatoes when March rolls around. I've never lived anywhere that I could plant a tomato at that time of the year. I'm interested in finding out just how early the tomatoes can go in the ground in Carteret County. I hope the Carteret deer are a little more respectful of my gardening efforts. Last year was tough year for tomatoes in Roanoke.

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