Impressive Waves

I snapped this picture on March 22 during some pretty good surf. I think almost all of us can stand and watch the surf for hours. If you give us a chair we will be there for days. I believe April 1 & 2 when I went for beach walks and actually got my feet wet for the frist time this year. The last weekend I visited Roanoke, Va. which is our other home besides Cape Carteret.

Our grass was in serious need of mowing. I spent most of Friday afternoon getting the yard in shape for the kids to join us for Easer.

After that I spent some time wondering about "What makes me happy." Then I started thinking about whether it is the mountains or coast where I want to plant my roots. That's a pretty hard to decision to make when you are surrounded by beauty in two different areas. This sunrise in Roanoke this weekend was impressive, but I don't like it any better than this coastal one. This time of year, there is lots of beauty to go around including some nice Dogwoods, Flowering Cherries, and Redbud trees.