An icy morning before the warm up

When I got up this morning, it didn't take long to figure out that the temperature had dipped below freezing. There was ice on Raymond's Gut which leads out to the White Oak River. Still it didn't take long to warm up. We decided to do another visit to T&W's Oyster Bar for their Sunday brunch. It was well worth the trip. The food was great, and there were a number of people there so business is good.

With warmer temperatures of fifty predicted for the afternoon, we decided to head out for some more hiking in Croatan National Forest. We had done part of the Tideland trail on Saturday, but we started so late it was a little cool to contemplate finishing the bigger loop. Today we got to the park in plenty of time to enjoy the warmth of the early afternoon sun.

We had a nice leisurely hike around the larger trail loop which takes you through the maritime woods and along the shore marshes. We stopped several times to take pictures and to say hello to a few new canine friends. In addition to the website with pictures from yesterday, I put up another website with some additional trail shots from today including one of the not so rare black-backed swimming cheetos eater. Lots of people were hiking today, but there was still plenty of room on the trail.

Tomorrow the temperatures are supposed to get into the sixties. I guess that will mean going for a hike on the beach.