November 28 Daily Record

If you can have perfect weather we had it yesterday. I actually switched back to wearing shorts.

I am guessing this will be our last warm spell for a while, but it was absolutely fantastic. The temperatures were in the mid-seventies. We went over to the Ice House and joined the crowd having lunch outside by the water. When the sun came out from behind the clouds, it was actually a little two warm.

As we ate our Grouper Grandwichs, we could see the dock over at Clyde Phillips seafood where we like to purchase our goodies from the sea. The fresh local shrimp are one of my favorite treats. It does not take much effort to prepare some perfect shrimp if you start with really fesh shrimp.

We are expecting a few more warm days before the bottom drops out on Saturday, and we have to face the mid fifties. I can remember my Canadian days when that would have been getting close to spring weather. So far my first Carolina winter since my childhood days is turning out to be a pleasure. Every day that we do not have to run the heat makes winter one day shorter. That is a very good thing.