Emerald Isle, the Family Beach
Emerald Isle is a special place for me.

I first visited the Point about forty years ago when there were no roads in that part of the island.

Emerald Isle has been a magic place for me ever since those days when I first waded into the warm waters and cast for fish.

In a world where many beaches are wall to wall high rise condominiums, Emerald Isle is different.

You will find people of all ages and income levels enjoying the treasures of Emerald Isle.

Emerald Isle is a family beach and more importantly to me, it is a year around community.

Whenever my spirits sag, I often find an excuse to drive across the Cameron-Langston Bridge to Emerald Isle.

Crossing Bogue Sound on the bridge never fails to improve my outlook on life.

That short bridge trip is a window into some of the most beautiful scenery along a coast famous for scenic beauty.

Emerald Isle to us is everything from a late afternoon beach walk to standing in the surf and fishing.

Many afternoons we can be found taking the quick hike in Emerald Woods Park down to the pier in the sound. There we often watch the sun slowly slide into Bogue Sound.

I have captured some amazing pictures there including this one that I call “The End.”

Some of my best memories come from visiting the water around Emerald Isle in our skiff.

I have recorded many of these in slides shows on the web, like the one I call “Mackerel Morning” when we caught Spanish mackerel trolling off the beaches.

Then there is the trip when we anchored on a low water beach in Bogue Inlet. We were between the Point and Hammocks Beach State Park.

It was our private island with only our tracks on the beach. Even those tracks were washed away before we even made our short boat trip home.

We live about seven miles from the beach on Emerald Isle. We can usually be walking on the beach about ten minutes after we decide to make the trip.

Aside from the Fourth of July, we usually have no trouble finding public parking in one of Emerald Isle’s access points.

Our experience is that there is alway more beach than people in Emerald Isle. Even in the summer, we can find some privacy on the beach.

In the fall, the beach becomes our own paradise with just a few surf fisherman.

We see the occasional walker, and some surfers when the storms have created some large waves.

One of our favorite beach walks is over by the Point. The beach there is wide and flat. You can easily feel lost there where the water, the sky, and the beach combine to create another world which seems almost endless. This collection of pictures is from that area.

As December approaches the beach becomes quiet, and the restaurants are always happy to see their regular customers.

Emerald Isle is a treat for us no matter what time of year. We enjoy many events on the Island including the annual Christmas Parade and the Saint Patrick’s Day Festival.

I am always happier the days that I manage to make it to the Island. It is a special place.

For more special pictures taken in the area, visit this collection.