Warm waves
I am not sure when I first got fully into the surf last year.

This year's record will show that on Tuesday, June 3, I enjoyed my first 2008 ocean swim.

By all reports the water was around 77 degrees Fahrenheit over on the Emerald beaches then. I suspect it was even warmer today.

I certainly found the water to be refreshing and not cold. I actually could have used another dip today after mowing the yard, but I didn't have time.

The day I went swimming in the evening, we also managed to go fishing in the morning.

It was a busy day.

I actually have taken to heart and slightly modified the slogan on a tee-shirt.

I started wearing it in 2004 while we were searching the Carolina coast for a place to put down some roots in the sand. I believe that I got the original at Island Traders in Beaufort. This is my modified version.


Those aren't bad words to live by if you can make your dreams happen.

Since the words makes so much sense, I am ordering a few tee-shirts to spread the word. Starting in a couple of weeks, if you see someone walking the beach in a tee shirt with that slogan, it is either me or someone that is following my advice closely enough that I have given them a tee shirt.

I don't think there are many places like Carteret County where the words work so well. Here on the shores of Bogue Sound, you can go fishing easily and still get in lots of work.

The other benefit of living here is that if the weather is nice and you're not around, most people will understand where you are without even asking.

When you can get work done and go fishing in the same day, it makes for a remarkable day.

It also helps keep your tan looking reasonable, and sometimes you catch fish.

On Tuesday we did catch one Bluefish while were fishing near Bogue Inlet. In spite of the lack of lots of fish, we still had a great time.

The water was beautiful and the temperature was near perfect with a slight breeze.

That same day I managed to get up and take some pictures of the sun rising over the White Oak.

The day before I was taking pictures of the sun setting over Bogue Inlet.

These slides have a great picture of the sun setting over Swansboro.

Today was work at home day with the yard mowing taking priority.

It has been a good week. I was able to announce on Sunday my first ripe tomato of the season. We have picked a couple more since then.

With the surge of heat we are seeing, I suspect that I am going to have lots of tomatoes if I can fight off the hornworms.

With the temperatures barely getting below eight degrees Fahrenheit at night, I suspect the beach water will be perfect by the weekend.

In the real estate world, I had a closing last Monday and have sent several of my new brochures to clients. You can download a PDF of my brochure ((large file 4.9 megs) ) or if you are in the area, grab a printed version at the Tourist Bureau on 58 just before the Emerald Isle bridge.

Then you will have a printed copy of my "tee-shirts words to live by" while visiting the beach. There is no better place to start practicing the wisdom of the tee-shirt.

See you in the water.