Happy hens at the White House make the best eggs

Farm fresh eggs just happen to one of my favorite foods. When we lived on our farm in Canada, we had own hens.

My Aunt Molly got some "biddies" each spring. She always supplied my Mother with wonderful eggs. Having a flock of hens is an old southern tradition.

Since we have moved to the coast on the western side of Carteret County, we have been looking for a source of fresh eggs.

Not long ago my wife and oldest daughter discovered the White House at 3346 Freedom Way (Highway 24) in Hubert, NC not far from Swansboro.

On Friday we took a trip over so I could meet the hens. I have never seen happier hens. I had no idea that pine straw is the ultimate scratching material for hens.

We took home lots of beautiful eggs. They are as nice as the Malu Aina Farm eggs that we used to enjoy in Roanoke with our perfect Saturday morning breakfast.

I never made it inside to see all the neat decorative items for beach homes that I suspect is the real business of the White House. I stayed outside and watched the hens who are far more entertainment than television.

All I can say is that if the decorative items are as high quality as the eggs, they must be very good.

You can give the guys at the White House a ring for more info at 910 326 3049. They are open Tuesday - Sunday: 11am - 6pm