Hard to predict that water

Yesterday after we finished our pine straw project, I decided to go kayaking.

I figured that doing 51 bales of pine straw entitled me to a little relaxation.

Even if it did take a couple of days to get it done, I worked hard spraying and handling those bales.

Anyway it was a good excuse to get out in the kayak. Except the wind seemed to be blowing a lot.

In fact one of my friends saw me getting ready to stick the kayak in the water and yelled that he thought it was too windy out in the river.

The White Oak is a big wide river and can have whitecaps so I was mindful of his warning.

However, I told him that I was going stay in the inlet. It didn't turn out that way.

The temperature was nearly perfect as I paddled out. In fact I did not have to paddle the whole way.

Once I got my kayak positioned right, the wind carried me along as I took pictures and fished.

My big surprise was when I got out to where the inlet meets the river, there was hardly any wind. That's where I took the picture at the beginning of the post.

Of course I just kept on paddling into the river.

While it wasn't as glassy as the water by the inlet, it still wasn't bad.

I fished a while with no bites.

As the wind turned I let it blow me back towards Bluewater Cove. It was a perfect afternoon to relax on the water.

As I got down to the Bluewater Clubhouse, I realized that I had been out on the water nearly two hours.

I knew that I would be in trouble with my wife, but the time on the water was well worth it. It certainly did not turn out to be as windy as it was at our home.


Out on the water

This morning was one of those days that begs for you to get on the water. I had a few things which had to be done, and a lot more which needed some of my time.

I thought carefully about all the options and then I decided to go kayaking.

I once read something that helped me immensely with my decision making. It said to always choose that activity which you will find easiest to remember in ten years.

Would I remember spraying weeds or writing a post on a blog that might even be gone in ten years? The answer is no.

However, I will remember this warm, blue sky day when the winds softly carried me out Bluewater Cove towards the White Oak. I will also remember catching a nice flounder for lunch and just getting back in time to clean the flounder as the first raindrops from the afternoon storms started falling.

I made some memories today. For that I am thankful.

We made more great memories this past weekend when we visited Tryon Palace with our oldest daughter. We had a magical time, and I have posted pictures of the outside of the palace, the flowers, and the magnificent vegetable gardens.

It is well worth a visit.

Poison Ivy on the Tideland Trail

Well there are finally some signs of green on the Tideland Trail.

Unfortunately the green is an explosion of poison ivy.

I would recommend that anyone dogs be very careful. The poison ivy is growing along some of the rails and is close to being in the trail in places.

Even as a hiker, you have to be careful since the poison ivy seems to be everywhere. It is pretty easy to get poison ivy from touching your pet after they have rubbed fresh poison ivy.

My wife often got it from one of our casts.

I am hoping the park folks get to work soon and knock back the evil poison ivy.

Going to the beach was a pleasure after watching each step to make certain we did not brush any juicy poison ivy.

More Accessibility for the beaches

Today we were over at the western regional beach access in Emerald Isle.

There were lots of piles in the ground and plenty of treated lumber stacked up. It didn't take us long to figure out that the lumber and piles are part of Emerald Isle's project to expand beach accessibility.

Emerald Isle already provides beach wheel chairs on a first come, first served basis from the fire station.

Adding some additional ramps to the beach where there is plenty of parking and a paved lot is a great way to open our beaches to people who cannot climb the steps up and down the dunes.

From what I have heard the project is expected to be finished in three weeks. I also noticed that Emerald Isle is doing some paving in their annual campaign to look good for all their visitors.

I am actually starting to look forward to seeing something beside spring break beach visitors. This week seems to have been the New York week.

I am sure that in five or six weeks I will be complaining about the tourists clogging up the restaurants. Actually since I know how important they are to our economy, there will be no complaints from me, but I will hold out some hope that we might see some folks interested in coastal property this year.

The prices have not been this low since 2004 so it is a great time to buy. Just call me at 252 646-8689 to get started looking.

A gift from my tomato plants

There were some real reasons for our move to the Southern Outer Banks.

One was to get a head start on the growing season.

While I do not grow the huge gardens that I used to in the past, I take my tomato gardening seriously.

Getting a few weeks head start on my friend Mike in our annual great tomato race is well worth moving.

All the other great benefits of living in Carteret County and Bluewater Cove are just icing on the cake.

We just made a trip down from Roanoke, VA to Carteret County. We got to go from the daffodils, cherry trees, redbuds, and tulips in Roanoke to Dogwoods and wisteria here on the coast.

I am really hoping the pine pollen is mostly gone. It was giving me a fit last week.

The biggest surprise on arrival home was seeing a couple blooms on my early tomato plant.

It was a great trip with a fantastic reward at the end. Just maybe I will have ripe tomatoes before the middle of June this year.


Andy's, great inexpensive meals

One of our favorite spots to grab a quick meal is Andy's in Swansboro.

When we get a craving for a cheeseburger or a cheese steak sandwich, Andy's is often at the top of the list.

It is a great alternative to your normal fast food places. They cook their food to order, and the food almost always makes it to your table quickly.

We really enjoy their fresh orange-aid and lemonade. They also seem to have a very clean-cut group of teenagers running the place. There's often good music playing, and it is always clean.

You can either eat at the counter or have a seat and your order will be taken and the food delivered to your table.

The restaurant is spacious and bright so you do not feel crowded or rushed. It just out of the way enough so that many of the tourists miss it.

The great food, friendliness, and cleanliness make Andy's a favorite for us locals for an inexpensive meal.

In April they are running a six inch Cheese Steak special with fries and a drink for $4.99.

Their official address is 686 W Corbett Ave. Swansboro, NC 28584 and the phone number is (910) 325-0300.

If you are headed out of Swansboro, turn right at the light just before the Walgreens and Andy's will be on your right.