Hard to predict that water

Yesterday after we finished our pine straw project, I decided to go kayaking.

I figured that doing 51 bales of pine straw entitled me to a little relaxation.

Even if it did take a couple of days to get it done, I worked hard spraying and handling those bales.

Anyway it was a good excuse to get out in the kayak. Except the wind seemed to be blowing a lot.

In fact one of my friends saw me getting ready to stick the kayak in the water and yelled that he thought it was too windy out in the river.

The White Oak is a big wide river and can have whitecaps so I was mindful of his warning.

However, I told him that I was going stay in the inlet. It didn't turn out that way.

The temperature was nearly perfect as I paddled out. In fact I did not have to paddle the whole way.

Once I got my kayak positioned right, the wind carried me along as I took pictures and fished.

My big surprise was when I got out to where the inlet meets the river, there was hardly any wind. That's where I took the picture at the beginning of the post.

Of course I just kept on paddling into the river.

While it wasn't as glassy as the water by the inlet, it still wasn't bad.

I fished a while with no bites.

As the wind turned I let it blow me back towards Bluewater Cove. It was a perfect afternoon to relax on the water.

As I got down to the Bluewater Clubhouse, I realized that I had been out on the water nearly two hours.

I knew that I would be in trouble with my wife, but the time on the water was well worth it. It certainly did not turn out to be as windy as it was at our home.