Cape Carteret

Walgreen's opens the summer season

We were all hoping that it did not take as long to open the Cape Carteret Walgreens as it did the one in Swansboro.

Fortunately that turned out to be case. It quietly opened around May 21.

It certainly is nice to have a drug store right in Cape Carteret. It's a good gas saving measure.

The holiday passed without too much excitement unless you tried to go buy groceries.

We made the mistake of going to the Emerald Isle Food Lion last Thursday morning. It was like Thanksgiving.

After that we stay away from the island until about 4 pm each day.

We did get over to the Sweet Spot, our favorite ice shop, on Memorial Day evening.

The ladies said that the day had been busy. We got to see their ice sculpture before it melted away.

Of course we also enjoyed some great ice cream.

From all indications the Memorial Day weekend was a very successful kick off to the tourist season.

We managed some boating, a few beach walks, and a trip to Morehead City and Beaufort (pardon the cat, tomato, random shots of things of interest only to me.)

I can even take the sprinkles of rain that we are getting today, since the forecast looks pretty good for the next couple of weeks.

I keep the beach pictures close to my heart so a little rain isn't going to bother me.

Rainy Day in the Cove

Today our rainy weather continued. It's true that we need the rain, so I will be happy that we are getting it.

Yet, it does not take much observation to notice that our ground is so saturated with this week's rains that most of the water has headed to the river.

We stayed in the mid-forties all day today.

Tomorrow we are not supposed to get out of thirties.

It could well be the coldest weather we have seen since we moved here eighteen months ago.

Based on my rough calculations, we are close to three inches in rain for January. I would say that is good start on restoring soil moisture especially considering our area close to the coast only got dry for two or three months this fall.

It looks like the snow promised for the area will mostly stay west of Highway 17 which is about sixteen miles from us.

It did not take any snow to get us curled up in front of the fireplace. We bought some take out Chinese on the way home from a quick trip to Morehead City, then we settled in to relax in front of the fireplace and watch a little Discovery Channel.

A rainy day is just as good an excuse to relax as a blizzard, you just have a few more options on what you can do.

We will see what things look like tomorrow morning. Maybe I will have a picture of coastal snow to post.