Weather, Annual Diary

Foggy Late December Morning

This morning we awoke to a blanket of fog. I have always enjoyed foggy days. We used to have many on the shore in Nova Scotia.

Fog seems somewhat rare on the Crystal Coast. I would guess that our Blue Ridge mountain home in Roanoke, Virginia actually experiences more fog than we do down here on the coast.

I suspect the reason we aren't fogged in more is that our coastal waters are never too far from our air temperatures most days.

It seems that we need a differential of twenty degrees or more between air and water temperatures before we get significant fog.

Later this week we are expecting a couple of days of very cool weather. That will let us see another coastal phenomenon, steaming waters.

This happened a couple of times last year. When the air temperatures got into the twenties while the water temperature was still in the fifties, fog or what I like to call steam would rise off of the water.

The weather is setting us up for a good opportunity to see some steaming water on Wednesday morning. We might even get a little ice on Raymond's Gut like we did last year.