Out on the water

This morning was one of those days that begs for you to get on the water. I had a few things which had to be done, and a lot more which needed some of my time.

I thought carefully about all the options and then I decided to go kayaking.

I once read something that helped me immensely with my decision making. It said to always choose that activity which you will find easiest to remember in ten years.

Would I remember spraying weeds or writing a post on a blog that might even be gone in ten years? The answer is no.

However, I will remember this warm, blue sky day when the winds softly carried me out Bluewater Cove towards the White Oak. I will also remember catching a nice flounder for lunch and just getting back in time to clean the flounder as the first raindrops from the afternoon storms started falling.

I made some memories today. For that I am thankful.

We made more great memories this past weekend when we visited Tryon Palace with our oldest daughter. We had a magical time, and I have posted pictures of the outside of the palace, the flowers, and the magnificent vegetable gardens.

It is well worth a visit.